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Garden fence is a prime material for those who have a backyard at home, after all, it is much better to create a room for both the neighbor’s house and the street or a vegetable garden, flower bed and other varied spaces that are present in the outdoor area. The great advantage is that there are several possibilities for fences, with many materials and shapes that will make you think a lot to choose the best alternative. To understand and learn more, check out the article!

Remodeling Process

Fences are classic concepts that always draw a lot of attention. How about giving this material a different tone? You can go beyond the traditional and choose a series of versatile models that go well in any environment, from a grand space to a small yard. 

Both in stores and in handmade and homemade models, there are many options to innovate and make your garden more beautiful and outstanding. Installation and maintenance are generally easy . Some materials are more resistant than others (this as to the action of time), so it all depends on several factors for you to choose the best type.

Precisely because of this versatility of models, the price of each garden fence is quite variable. The length of the fenced area also counts for a lot. You can use it as a separation from your yard to that of your neighbor or from the street sidewalk, even to a small space, to protect small beds or a vegetable garden, leaving it closed so that animals and other inconveniences that can destroy them do not enter. 

For an urban option, wooden and iron garden fence models are the most common, while rustic and more handmade types tend to be more present in country houses or quiet cities, which do not need as much security. In one way or another, the choice is yours, assessing what is the need at the moment and which fence / material will best adapt to the yard.

Iron garden fence models are highly resistant and safe , a good choice for luxury homes and present in more urban areas. But, that does not mean that your small backyard in a rural town should give up that kind. It leaves a very beautiful, balanced look and goes very well with flowering trees and the characteristic green of the lawn. A good tip is to invest in the original color black or a gray / lead.

How not to love wooden garden fence, right? It is beautiful, classic, bold and with a series of possibilities, from a more rustic to modern style, with many colors and shapes. The best way is to show all your creativity to dare and make your yard beautiful! Check out some cool ideas in the photos!

Bamboo is a material that goes hand in hand with a natural and cool decoration. Because it is easily available and very versatile, it allows a series of garden fence shapes in the most varied spaces. Oh, and bamboo doesn’t necessarily have to be the yellowish and ‘ripe’ one we know. You can also use green or the more aged, which looks grayish and very rustic!

Wire fences are common inside and for grandiose spaces. From that type with posts to a small and more worked one, it leaves the garden open and visible, a good alternative for those who don’t like to leave the environment totally closed.

Compared to other materials, the plastic / pvc garden fence is a more economical alternative , although it is not as resistant and safe. There are several colors and many possible shapes, other advantages of choosing this type – you can leave your entire garden renovated!



Rustic garden fence allows for a number of concepts! From an idea with stones to carved wood, these options vary according to the owner’s taste and the type of space you want to surround.

With recyclable 

Here is the chance to be bold in your garden fence. Gather what is most interesting and use all your creativity to form trends that will impress many people!

Whatever space and its size, the garden fence makes the environment more beautiful, highlighted and with impeccable decoration. For those who want to give a general renovation, it is an excellent alternative!